Read an extract from the Knitter…

The Knitter’s contents page below gives you an idea of the structure of the book. Follow the links to read chapters 1 and 3. (Note that since the author and his father share the same name, in the book “Johnnie” refers to the father, which is what most people called him in any case.)

The book also differentiates sections from the point of view of the author and his father by italicising his father’s sections, as you’ll see below. If you need a wee bit of help with some of the authentic Scottish language, try the Glasgow and Airdrie Dictionary.




CHAPTER 2: Growing

CHAPTER 3: Drinking

CHAPTER 4: Boarding

CHAPTER 5: Learning

CHAPTER 6: Listening

CHAPTER 7: Digging

CHAPTER 8: Marching

CHAPTER 9: Creating

CHAPTER 10: Praying

CHAPTER 11: Traveling


EPILOGUE: Knitting

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