Listen to the poems

Before he died, John Mallaghan (the author’s father) recorded some of his poems on an old cassette tape recorder, with a short introduction to each.

The poems were interspersed with some old Scottish tunes he played on various instruments to hand – his accordion, mouth organ and a small Casio keyboard. Have a listen to the poems as they should be heard – read by the man who wrote them. Each side of the original cassette tape is presented separately.

Poems 1
1.“Twin Bailies Salvation”
Hornpipes (Music)
2.“The Travers”
Boolavogue/Sally Gardens (Music)
3.“Bill Magee”
Donegal/Dovecot Park (Music)
4.“Bobby Lumsden”
Dunvegan/Mountain Thyme (Music)
Come by the Hills (Music)
6.“Ould Micky Morris”
Last Rose of Summer/Danny Boy (Music)

Listen to these poems by clicking on the “Play” button below. Download by clicking the little arrow on the right of the player and hitting the “download” button.

Poems 2

1.“Jock the Lum”
Scottish Waltz (Music)
2.“The Stiff Hutch”
Irish Waltz (Music)
3.“Daddy Duff”
Brahms Lullaby (Music)
4.“Johnnie Craig”
5.“The Knitter”
6.“Ben Ledi”
Magregor’s March/Scotland Is My Ain Hame/Badge of Scotland (Music)